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Meet Our Affiliates

Shingo Institute Licensed Affiliates bring years of experience and a wide array of expertise to our clients. They serve as an extension of the Shingo Institute team as they share, promote and deploy the Shingo Model™ throughout the world.

Licensed Online Provider

Interested in becoming a Licensed Affiliate of the Shingo Institute?

To be considered for affiliation with the Shingo Institute, an organization must become educated and familiar with the Shingo Institute, the Shingo Model™ and the Shingo Prize. This can be achieved by attending the Annual Shingo Conference, attending the Shingo workshops and courses, as well as participating in a Study Tour.

An organization must be well established and have a minimum of 10 full-time consultants. The consultants should have expertise in the following areas: lean, continuous Improvement, operational excellence, enterprise excellence, executive coaching and senior management training. It is preferred that a member of your organization has worked for or has participated in the consultation of a Shingo Prize-winning organization with specialized industry expertise.

The Shingo Institute seeks to affiliate with organizations that are well established in targeted regions.